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A trip for art fans. Starting from Tokyo, the itinerary takes you to superb art destinations in different parts of Japan.

  • * Private guide and transfer in each destination
  • * Five star accommodations (or the best category in the area)
  • * The itineary can be customized. Please ask for quote for your itinerary.

Days 1 & 2 TOKYO

From antiques to contemporary, great architectures, galleries and museums, Tokyo has all. Whether viewing or buying, you will never be bored!  

-       National Tokyo Museum:  History of Japan’s art
-       Nezu Museum:  Modern architectures, bamboos and Japanese garden. 
-       Mori Art Museum:  A contemporary museum in the sky.

-       private galleries:  Prints, paintings or ceramics, we will organize visits to distinguished art galleries to your liking. 
      Sumi-e (ind drawing) private lesson:  Learn to draw a bamboo with ink and brush! 


It is not just hot spring and mountains.  Hakone has many great museums that blend well with the beautiful landscapes.

-    Hakone Open Air Museum: Over 100 pieces of masterworks displayed on the vast ground. Has a large Picasso collection, too.  
-    Pola Museum:   A remarkable collection of French impressionism. 
-    Narukawa Museum:  An extensive collection of modern Japanese art.  Set on a hill overlooking the lake.  

Days 4 & 5 KANAZAWA 

The former castle city of a powerful feudal lord, Kanazawa is now designated UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art. 

- Traditional Handicrafts:   See the artisans work, and experience it! 
     Gold leaf (pasting experience) / Kaga Yuzen (silk fabric dying experience) / Kaga Makie (lacquer work experience)
-   21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art:  The round glass museum houses outstanding works by local and international artists. 

Days 6 & 7 NAOSHIMA

Surrounded by beautiful Seto Inland Sea, this island has contemporary art and slow local life coexisting. 

-    Art House Project:  Old town houses turned to artworks.
-    Chichu Art Museum:  An underground museum full of natural lights. 
-    Benesse House:  A hotel in a museum. 

Day 8 Going home....