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Private Villa List

Villas in Europe



LinkIconVilla Ana
(Dubrovnik, Croatia)
7 bedrooms
Great for receptions. Two separate houses.


LinkIconVilla Agave
(Dubrovnik, Croatia)
3 bedrooms
A medieval chapel turned summer residence


LinkIconVilla Sheherezade
(Dubrovnik, Croatia)
5 bedrooms
Complete privacy. Ideal for weddings and celebrations.


Mas Mateu (32).jpg

LinkIconMas Mateu
(Catalonia, Spain)
10 bedrooms
Your exclusive “Five-Star Hotel”

Alegria (2).tif

LinkIconSes Alegria
(Costa Brava, Spain)
6 bedrooms
An oceanfront villa with private access to Costa Brava


LinkIconSa Papaya
(Ibiza, Spain)
8 bedrooms
Minimal style villa in the nature

Grapa (193).jpg

LinkIconSa Grapa
(Ibiza, Spain)
5 bedrooms
Hip & elegant setting to enjoy the perfect climate of Ibiza


LinkIconMas Elvir
(Catalonia, Spain)
8 bedrooms
A medieval farmhouse near Costa Brava

Martina (2).jpg

LinkIconVilla Martina
(Costa del Sol, Spain)
5 bedrooms
An oceanfront villa with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean

Tinada (1).png

LinkIconSes Tinada
(Costa Brava, Spain)
5 bedrooms
For active coastal vacation, on the water’s edge with a berth